Business Premium Support

Supercharge your Business Premium licensing

Business Premium licensing delivers a range of upgrades to the way you manage your productivity and security. But, to get the full ROI on your investment in Business Premium it needs regular configuration and teams need ongoing support. 

Our Business Premium Support service is designed to give you access to the support you need from our dedicated SOC and Modern Work engineers so you can use the tools at your disposal to do more without the headache of maintenance. 

Common challenges and how we can help

Users struggle to find the information they need to make decisions on things like cost management, sustainability and security. 

Agility to Innovate
Time is wasted maintaining the environment rather than focusing on innovation and building for tomorrow. 

Configuration Drift 
Over time configurations can incrementally changed without regular maintenance and management.

Managing modern work security can be challenging without simple oversight and expert support.

Managing a cloud environment requires a range of technical skills and ongoing maintenance, which are costly to manage in-house.

Ongoing Training
Training is only effective as long as it’s accessible and up-to-date.

How we can help

  • We deliver vital insights into different areas across your cloud, in an intuitive and easy to follow way. 
  • Our ITiL oriented operations deliver unbeatable service and support when you need them 
  • We’re cloud native experts with decades of experience 
  • Our services take care of the tricky bits and make sure your Business Premium services are running smoothly, freeing you up to concentrate on the things that matter most. 

The support you need

Our Business Premium Support service is composed of two service areas, designed to keep your environment secure and productive around the clock.

Managed Defender for EndPoint

  • Workshop and Training
  • Deployment
  • High Severity Alert Management
  • MDE Health Check Monthly
  • Intune Health Check Monthly
  • Guided Remediation for MDE
  • Guide Remediation for Intune
  • Evergreen Blueprint Alignment
  • MDE & Intune Analysis Report

Modern Work Premium

  • 24/7 Incident Support
  • Control Centre Billing
  • Transparity Adoption Portal
  • Microsoft Premier Support
  • Technical Lead Resources
  • Service Review Monthly
  • Config Drift Report Monthly
  • Azure AD Review Quarterly
  • Secure Score Review Quarterly
  • Technical Strategy

It’s what we do

Continuous Improvement

We’re always striving to make what we do, better. With insights from our customers and our industry-leading experts, things don’t stand still around here.

Cloud-Native Approach

We’re at home in the cloud, and we work hard to bring you the benefits of cloud-native technology, optimised for the way you do things.

Cloud Native Technology

As a cloud first company we embrace Microsoft cloud technology in all we do. We’re the cloud experts you need on your side.

Best Practice Blueprint

Combining Microsoft’s high standards with industry best practice and our own experience, our blueprints are unmatched and always evolving.


Our culture is our greatest superpower. We foster an inclusive and productive environment that delivers the very best for our customers and retains the industry’s top talent.

Ongoing Visibility

We take the opaque and make it transparent. One of our guiding principles is ensuring our customers are always clear on all the details, with expert guidance on hand when they need it.

Black Belt Leadership

We’re all about excellence, not just by providing the highest level of technical skill but also by guiding clients to get the most out of their cloud to propel their business forward

Proactive Management

There’s no set it and forget it with us. We’re always looking for ways to improve our clients’ cloud environments for better experience, performance and results.

Automate First Approach

Our philosophy; standardise once, repeat many times. We cut inefficiencies by enabling automation wherever we can, so actions are faster, and the risk of error is reduced.


We see every relationship as a partnership. Whether you need a helping hand or support on a big project, we work with you to make sure you’re getting the outcomes you need.

Want to know more?

Talk to our experts to find out more about how our services could support your cloud journey, improve your ROI and help you do more. Whether you need ad hoc support or need to fully outsource your support and want a technology partner you can trust, we’ll show you how our experts will take care of your environment so you can take care of your staff and customers.

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