SharePoint Server 2010: are you ready to upgrade?

Extended support for SharePoint Server 2010 ends April 13, 2021.


Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 delivered a platform for web content management, document management and the introduction of sandboxed solutions to support rapid application development. It also helped workers find information and connect with subject-matter experts, regardless of their location.

However, mainstream support for SharePoint Server 2010 ended in October 2015 and since then has been under extended support (with only security updates being released). As revolutionary as SharePoint Server 2010 was at the time, the latest versions of SharePoint Server 2019 (and in the Cloud through Office 365) have even more to offer.

SharePoint Server 2010 Support

On April 13th 2021 Microsoft will completely end support for the SharePoint 2010 suite of products. The SharePoint solutions which will be affected by this include SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010 and Project Server 2010.

This will mean that from April 14th 2021:

  • No security updates will be developed or released.
  • Microsoft will no longer provide technical support for problems that may occur, including bug fixes for issues that are discovered and that may impact the stability and usability of SharePoint.
  • Microsoft will no longer provide security fixes for vulnerabilities that are discovered and that may make the server vulnerable to security breaches.

Your installation of SharePoint Server 2010 will continue to run after April 13th; however due to the end of support risks highlighted above, we strongly recommend that you migrate from SharePoint Server 2010 as soon as possible. Whilst April 2021 seems a while off, most organisations that have deployed SharePoint business applications will have large amounts of content and potentially complex solutions that will need to be migrated.

So why upgrade? For one, staying put will cost more in the long run. Maintenance costs for aging hardware will increase, and you will face added costs for data backups, intrusion detection systems, more advanced firewalls, network segmentation and other security measures.

What are your migration options?

Migrate SharePoint 2010 Products and Technologies to Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a Cloud-based subscription service that brings together the best tools for the way people work today. By combining best-in-class apps with powerful Cloud services, Microsoft 365 lets anyone create and collaborate anywhere on any device.

To help you migrate, you can use tools such as the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) to migrate from SharePoint Server 2010 to Microsoft 365. The SPMT supports migrations from both SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010.


Upgrade to SharePoint Server 2016 or SharePoint Server 2019

If you need SharePoint Server to remain on-premise for the foreseeable future, you can upgrade to SharePoint Server 2019 to modernise your infrastructure and take advantage of the latest in content collaboration and portal technologies. Customers wanting to maximise their on-premise server investment should strongly consider migrating to SharePoint Server 2019; SharePoint Server 2013 is already well into its own 10-year lifecycle, and SharePoint 2016 is not too far behind!

Upgrading to the latest on-premise version of SharePoint Server is a multi-phased approach. You must first upgrade to SharePoint Server 2013 before you can upgrade to SharePoint Server 2016 and then on to SharePoint Server 2019. However, there are several third-party tools – such as Sharegate Migration Tools and Quest SharePoint Migration Tools – which can bypass the need to migrate between versions and enable an option to migrate directly.


SharePoint Migration Tool

Designed to be used for migrations ranging from the smallest set of files to a large-scale enterprise migration, the SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) will let you bring your information to the Cloud and take advantage of the latest collaboration, intelligence, and security solutions with Microsoft 365.

The SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) is absolutely free to download and use, and lets you migrate content to SharePoint Online and OneDrive from the following locations:

  • SharePoint Server 2016 (Public Preview)
  • SharePoint Server 2013
  • SharePoint Foundation 2013
  • SharePoint Server 2010
  • SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • Network and local file shares

In summary

Now is the time to start planning an upgrade or migration to the latest version of SharePoint, whether your plans are on-premise, in the Cloud, or somewhere in between.

We recommend moving to SharePoint in Microsoft 365 to receive the benefits of enhanced security, increased productivity and continual development and new functionality. With Microsoft 365, you get out of the upgrade business. For customers who need to remain on-premise, we recommend upgrading to SharePoint Server 2019 to take advantage of the latest collaboration and productivity

What next?

Transparity are offering complimentary consultations with our consultants for businesses looking to upgrade their SharePoint environment. Just click below and one of our experts will get in touch to discuss your available options.

Microsoft Teams is constantly evolving. Microsoft released its new, improved version back in October 2023 – and from the end of June, only the new Teams will be available. So, if you haven’t already switched or don’t yet know about new Teams, now is the time to start.

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