Professional Services

Keeping organisations connected, communicating and collaborating.

Professional Services organisations are extremely diverse in the range of services and solutions they deliver to customers. They rely on having driven people in their organisations who are the heart of operations, and who can deliver excellence in service to customers.

They span sectors such as training services, consulting, engineering, media and more, and Transparity work with companies in these sectors to maximise the benefit of investment in Microsoft Cloud technologies. We enable them to reach new customers and markets through development of digital services, as well as offer secure and immersive IT services to allow staff to be productive and collaborate with peers and external parties.

How we help customers in this industry

Empower your frontline staff with Microsoft Teams

Reimagine collaboration and productivity with Microsoft 365

Gain insights into operational visibility and productivity with Azure and Power BI

Unlock technical innovation and provide new services to your customers

Protect against external cybersecurity threats and insider risks with Azure Sentinel

Some of our Professional Services customers...

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