Design and govern your Azure environment

When you’ve made the decision to move to the Microsoft Cloud, it’s important to ensure your environment is built to your organisation’s exact needs and migration is done correctly. This is where Microsoft tools such as the Cloud Adoption Framework and Azure Landing Zones are important, allowing you to draw upon governance and best practice methodologies whilst implementing the environment that is right for you.

During this online event, our Azure Technical Lead will talk you through what a Cloud Adoption Framework is and its phases, as well as introduce you to some additional Azure services that will enhance functionality and help with governance. The event will culminate with demos for Azure Policy and Azure Blueprints.


  • 10:00  Introductions and overview of Transparity
  • 10:15  What is the Cloud Adoption Framework?
    • Introduction to Cloud Adoption Framework
    • Stages of Cloud Adoption Framework
  • 10:25  Governance in Azure
  • 10:35  Introduction to Landing Zones
  • 10:45  Introduction to Azure Policy
  • 10:50  Introduction to Cost Management
  • 10:55  Azure Policy demo
    • Standard Policies
    • Guest Policies
    • Regulatory/Governance Policies
  • 11:05  Azure Blueprints demo
  • 11:15  Key takeaways
  • 11:20  Q&A and close
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