The Intelligent Cloud

The Intelligent Cloud leverages the power of the latest Microsoft AI & Data Service technologies in order to harness the data and information stored within your Cloud environment, providing Business Intelligence and revolutionary business process automation. It also incorporates development services for new business application requirements, as well as the modernisation of traditional applications.

Cloud Optimisation

Transparity's Cloud Optimisation Service minimises cost whilst ensuring highest performance by using Machine Learning, maximising the return on your investments.

Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence services from Microsoft make it easy for you to collect, store and process your data at scale. This enables advanced querying, processing and reporting through the use of Cloud-based analytics and intelligence tools.

Azure Database

With Azure Database, you can migrate many of your SQL workloads to managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) SQL instances in the Microsoft Cloud and, in many cases, without needing to modify your applications.

Power BI

Power BI is an advanced analytics service designed to provide rich, visual insights into your data. This empowers you to make decisions based on a holistic view of your data in place of traditional siloed reporting. Our Power BI consultancy services help you to integrate data sources to define and build dashboards that integrate your data sources, providing invaluable insights.

Development Services

Working in conjunction with you, Transparity’s Development Team are able to leverage the power of the Microsoft Cloud platform to develop custom solutions to meet your specific business needs. Our Development Services incorporate a Development Scope of Work and integration development.

AI and Internet of Things

Benefit from the significant investment that Microsoft is making into the Internet of Things and transform your business. Leverage our expertise to implement powerful applications that integrate with connected devices. IoT technology offers Data Intelligence and automation of actions based on data collection.