Jess on Winning From Anywhere®: Meet #TeamTransparity

TeamTransparity_JessMorrisOur people are what makes TeamTransparity special. So, we’d like to introduce you to some of our team so you can get to know the people who make it all happen and get their take on Winning from Anywhere. Introducing, Jess Morris, Technical Consultant.

Background and a bit about you

Hating sixth form at the ripe old age of 16, I decided I wasn’t up for completing the last year-and-a-half of my A-levels. So, with that, I took to the website where I applied for anything and everything. I somehow managed to secure an apprenticeship in IT and the rest was history. Skip forward 13 years and I’m a Technical Consultant working (winning) from anywhere and progressing up the career ladder with hopes of reaching Architect level one day.

How has Winning from Anywhere® impacted your work and home life?

Winning from Anywhere® has improved my work and home life massively. My lifestyle is super fluid, and I don’t like being tied to one place for a long period of time. With office-based work in the past, I’ve only ever lasted a few years in one company before needing to move on. Here, I feel like I’ll be able to continue to grow inside of the company I work for while living in different locations for many years to come.

How have you found embracing the Winning from Anywhere® way of working?

I’ve loved embracing it, and I’m continuing to embrace it at any given opportunity. I’m currently Winning from Cape Town for three months! I’m working from a rented apartment by day and exploring the city by night. As the time zone here is only one hour ahead of the UK, I’m enjoying longer mornings with that extra hour to use however I want, and I’m feeling more relaxed starting the day a little later with no impact to my customers or projects.

How have you found building relationships with colleagues while Winning from Anywhere®?


We all know that techy people aren’t known for being the most social of creatures, so I think the fact everyone is working from their own comfortable environment has got such a positive impact. Some people have interesting backdrops that quickly become a talking point and others, like me, are often working with a different backdrop which is always of interest to people… “You look like you’ve moved again!”

What would you tell future TeamTransparity members about Winning from Anywhere®?

As long as you’re able to use self-discipline and good communication to keep up the interaction and teamwork, you’re going to have the flexibility to work from pretty much anywhere you like. There’s a central Hub in Reading in case you struggle being 100% remote, so the choice is yours.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Transparity?

Definitely the work-life balance for me. Combining travelling with working is something I’ve always wanted to do and working here has given me that freedom to do it.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Anything outside! Sitting at a laptop all week makes me really appreciate time outdoors. Whether that’s hiking, camping, wild-swimming, having a kick-about in the park or even sitting in a beer garden; as long as I’m not sitting in front of a screen in my spare time then I’m pretty content.

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