VIDEO: Microsoft Future Decoded 2019 roundup

The charity sector has always been an industry where budgets have been squeezed, which in previous years has led to a culture of austerity where technology is concerned; in fact, 58% of UK charities do not have a digital strategy[1]. Traditionally, it was thought that the money would be better spent where these organisations can make the biggest impact, such as front-line services and research. But more recently, many of the UK’s 200,000 registered charities have been looking at ways of moving from CapEx to an OpEx in a bid to make their investments go further. This is where Cloud Computing can really come into its own, breaking the costly 5-year hardware refresh cycle and allowing organisations to better control and account for their costs. So what are the challenges for the industry, and how has Cloud adoption been solving them?

Microsoft Future Decoded 2019 Day 1

Discover what happened on Day 1 of Future Decoded, as well as what to expect from Day 2 from Team Transparity.

Microsoft Future Decoded 2019 Highlights Reel

A selection of our best moments from Microsoft Future Decoded 2019.

Our people are what makes Transparity special. So, we’d like to introduce you to Hugh Pope, and get his take on Winning From Anywhere®.

Inbox Zero – Friend or Foe?

We discuss the controversial topic of Inbox Zero and offer some helpful tips for staying on top of your inbox without it ruling your day.

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