Supporting manufacturers with the latest Cloud technologies.

Transparity work with customers across the Manufacturing sector to enable them to reap the rewards and benefits that moving technology to the Microsoft Cloud can offer. We help them to innovate production processes, ensuring factories can be agile and adapt the changing market demands. Transparity also transform the way that frontline workers use technology in their roles, both on the production floor and out in the field.

With the power of Azure Data Services, we offer our customers new ways of collecting, analysing and reporting on data which can unlock innovation and delivering new services to their customers. This includes data from production lines, factories and field-based IOT systems.

How we help customers in this industry

Digitally empower your workforce with Teams for Frontline workers

Automate manufacturing processes and operations with Power Platform

Gain insights into operational visibility and productivity with Azure and Power BI

Unlock technical innovation and provide new services to your customers

Enable hybrid working with Microsoft Teams

Some of our Manufacturing customers...

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