The Teams Trifecta: webinars, meetings and conferencing

Microsoft Teams is now three years old, and its functionality has increased exponentially since its general release. And with organisations now needing to hold meetings from disparate locations and on different devices than ever before, Microsoft have developed sophisticated tools to ensure your Teams meetings have as close a feel to in-person meetings as possible.

During this online event, our technical expert will showcase how Microsoft Teams can make your webinars, meetings and conferences as seamless as possible. We will cover the different functionalities of each solution, as well as delve into which features are suitable for your different meeting  types. We’ll also discuss deployment methods and the next steps you can take to prepare your teams for this new way of communicating and collaborating.


  • 10:00  Introductions and overview of Transparity
  • 10:15  Teams Collaboration, Meetings and Calling – how do they sit together?
  • 10:25  An overview of Teams Meetings
    • What is a “Meeting”?
    • Meetings vs Live Events
    • Hybrid Meetings
  • 10:40  A deep dive into meeting options:
    • Where do webinars and conferencing sit?
    • Features/ functionality
    • Policies
  • 10:55 Devices
    • Offices
    • Home
    • Mobile
  • 11:05  Next steps:
    • Teams workshops
    • Deployment methodology
  • 11:15  Q&A and close
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