Event Series: Maturing the use of Cloud in your Non-Profit Organisation

Join Transparity’s experts for this webinar series to help you get your non-profit organisation running properly in the cloud. 

In this 4 part webinar series, we will assist you in maturing your cloud usage. We will unpack which licensing models are best for specific use cases and how to reduce overlap between your Microsoft investment and other third party services. We will then show you how to boost collaboration within your non-profit for both staff and volunteers, in a safe manner. Followed by how to secure your devices and users and then how you can use automation to complete and manage business processes. 


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Presented by

 James Taylor– Business Growth Manager at Transparity

James has a huge passion for technology and service and has been providing customers, including a vast amount in the non-profit sector, with best fit solutions for over 10 years.

 George Herkes  Technical Lead for Modern Work at Transparity

George is a key member at Transparity for Modern Work, showcasing his expertise in designing & deploying solutions within the Microsoft portfolio, with a main focus on Microsoft 365.


 Mike Curzey – Senior Technical Consultant for Power Platform  at Transparity

Mike has very deep knowledge of Power Platform which enables him to provide Non-profit organisations with the ability to understand problems, identify solutions and get technology to work for them.


Getting the most from your Microsoft 365 investment for your NFP organisation

Driving Collaboration within your NFP organisation

Secure your devices and users within your NFP organisation

Gain a good understanding of Non-Profit licensing entitlements, license cost models, anything unique to NFP licensing or funding. 

We will show you use cases for specific licenses and cover the overlaps with M365 and third party services, that might allow NFP’s to reduce costs and management overhead.

Discover collaboration tools within M365, what each of them do and why some might be used over others. 

We will also show you how Non-Profit clients specifically, can use the tools to communicate more effectively, both internally and externally in a secure manner.

We will cover security challenges faced by Non-Profits and the products within M365 that can help you modernise and stay ahead of threat actors. 

We will also show you how these products can provide a more up to date and user friendly security model that is ready for the working practices of today.



Drive process maturity through automation within your NFP organisation

An overview of how Non-Profits generally manage processes today and how some of those processes can be modernised or automated and what tools exist within Microsoft Cloud to achieve that. 

 You will also gain understanding of potential costs, and return on investment, and we will share tips on building a business case.

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