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Microsoft 365: Compliance

With organisations globally increasing the amount of data they consume at a rapid rate, in turn data regulations are becoming more stringent. This means that managing your data more smartly and effectively has never been more important, but with standards varying across industries it can be difficult to know how and where to start.

During this event, Transparity’s expert will guide you through some of the Microsoft 365 features available to help protect and manage sensitive and critical data within your environment, keeping it safe and observing relevant compliance standards.


  • 10:00  Introductions and overview of Transparity
  • 10:15  The Data Challenge
    • Introduction to data toolsets
  • 10:30  Cloud App Security: A Data Focus
    • Discovery Options
    • Protection Options
  • 11:30  Break
  • 11:45  Data Discovery
    • Data Loss Prevention
    • Content Search and Audit & Alert Logs
    • Azure Information Protection
    • On-Premises Discovery
  • 12:30  Q&A and close