Manage and Govern your On-Premises Workloads using Microsoft Azure Arc

1st February 2023 | 10:00 - 11:00 | Online

Hybrid cloud environments using a mix of both Azure services and on-premises servers are still extremely common across businesses that have adopted Azure.

Managing services and workloads that reside on different platforms can add additional management overhead and reduce efficiency within your business. Using Azure Arc, you can manage your workloads that reside outside of Azure as if they were running on the Azure platform providing a single pane of glass for management. 

In this event, we look at how Azure Arc can be used to govern, manage, protect and configure workloads that are located outside of the Azure platform to drive efficiencies and agility with your business.

In less than an hour, you’ll learn:

  • Overview of Azure Arc
  • Azure Arc features
  • How to monitor, configure and protect servers
  • Azure Arc governance (Azure Policy)

Then, we’ll share a demo and you’ll have the opportunity to put your burning questions to our expert, Anthony Cooke.

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Anthony Cooke

Technical Lead: Azure at Transparity

 Anthony is our Microsoft Azure expert who has a vast knowledge of relevant frameworks such as the Cloud Adoption Framework and Well-Architected framework to ensure all solutions are built to best practice and a high standard.

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