Event Series: How to Simplify Cloud Adoption in your Organisation

Join Transparity’s Adoption and Change experts for this webinar series to help you simplify your cloud adoption across your organisation and take on the journey to cloud success with confidence and control.

In this 5 part webinar series, we will assist customers in their Azure adoption. We will uncover what it takes to prepare: building your plan, aligning your teams, determining skilling requirements, and building your landing zone. Then, we will go through how to get your workloads into Azure, either by migrating them or using cloud-native technologies to enhance them.


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Presented by

Anthony Cooke – Technical Lead: Azure at Transparity

 Anthony is our Microsoft Azure expert who has a vast knowledge of relevant frameworks such as the Cloud Adoption Framework and Well-Architected framework to ensure all solutions are built to best practice and a high standard.

Examine your Cloud Adoption plan

Build a Landing Zone that supports your goals

Establish the right operating principles

An in-depth look at how Transparity has helped customers move to Azure using a proven framework to address key areas of transformation.

We will address how your cloud adoption plan can help you shape your organisation, establish operating principles, build a backlog, and define the key skills required.

We will walk through the different options for building out your landing zone as well as the key decisions that need to be made. 

Whether you are new to Azure or an existing customer, we have options to help improve and evolve your landing zone.

Cloud adoption affects many areas of a business, but none more than operations and management. 

We will walk through some of the technology we use and recommend  to help drive operational efficiency, as well as to guide improvements around security, cost, and governance.

Drive agility in your business with Azure

Architect your Solutions to optimise your workload

The cloud enables agile development by providing resources when they are needed. To do this effectively, it helps to think about environments as code. 

Almost everything in Azure can be automated through your DevOps pipelines, which brings people from different teams closer together in the process of building applications and services.

You’ve built out your Azure environment and defined your rules and operating model. 

Next, we will use our well-architected methodology to walk through what it takes to architect solutions so that they are highly available, resilient, cost-effective, secure, and operationally efficient.

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