Adoption and Change - A Customer Roundtable Event

In a year that saw a dramatic shift to remote working, most organisations rapidly rolled out Microsoft 365 to enable their employees to work collaboratively from afar. But simply rolling out a new technology doesn’t automatically mean it is used as it should be. Any technology implementation cannot be successful unless the users accept and embrace it. While the digitally savvy employees will self-serve, others will need more direction and guidance.


In this roundtable, Transparity’s A&C experts will be joined by customers who have undertaken Adoption and Change Management programmes to support their employees in embracing new ways of working. 


Our customer speakers share their learnings and experiences, including:

  • Challenges faced
  • ACM approaches used
  • Primary considerations for organisations in need of adoption & change management
  • How to involve senior leaders and company decision makers
  • Benefits realised
  • Future plans for ACM
  • Key learnings and advice
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