Endpoint Management Workshop

Manage and protect your devices, your apps and your users

Customised based on your organisation's unique needs

Today’s users are looking for more ways to remain productive while working on any device. 95% of organisations allow personal devices in the workspace. All these devices add additional risks, when you consider that 70 million smartphones are lost every year.

With users asking for more ways to work the way that they want, this three day workshop will show you how to manage both company-owned and user-chosen devices in the cloud.

Experience the power of modern device management within your own environment. This workshop will show you how to leverage intelligent security, risk-based controls, zero-touch provisioning, advanced analytics, and deep integration to the Microsoft products you already use.

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Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Improve your Secure Score with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Valuable insights

Learn how to build management policies that protect your users, company data, and devices

Management policies

Gain insights about your users’ endpoints and their compliance with your IT policies

Secure user access

Determine the best way to give your users access to the apps they need on the devices of their choosing

Workshop highlights

Get an executive deep dive into remote deployment, management, and the security of corporate and BYOD devices in your organisation. Our goal is to show
you the best ways to manage endpoints at the enterprise level. We’ll provide you with the ability to protect your authorised users’ identities so you can authenticate credentials and manage access while still giving users the freedom to collaborate with others.

  • Learn how to improve your management capabilities with Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Discover and protect your endpoints by enforcing policies and deploying security tools
  • Secure your identities with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and conditional access from any device
  • Enable your users to be productive with the applications they need, on the devices they want

Why Transparity?

Transparity’s extensive technical expertise is just one part of what makes us great. Transparity stands for “transformation, partnership and clarity”, and we pride ourselves in the ability to work with you to enable business transformation.  We are a Microsoft pureplay technology partner at the forefront of the latest technology. We have one simple goal: to work in partnership with you to ensure that your investment in the Cloud truly makes a difference to your business.

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