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Be a hybrid work hero with MicrosoftTeams

Whatever your business needs, an app in Teams can help

Hybrid work transformed the way many of us run our businesses, with leaders working tirelessly to ensure their people could remain productive while logging in virtually. Even though hybrid work is our new reality, many employees are still jumping between disparate tools to get their work done. Constant app switching reduces performance, divides attention, and even lowers overall employee engagement.

The three day Collaborative Apps workshop dives into your unique business goals, workflows, and tools. We’ll work with you to create a central hub for all your work in Microsoft Teams. Experts will guide you through ways to extend and customise your Teams workspace, adding and connecting all the apps your people need to get their work done. Our consultants will design a tailored plan to get your apps up and running – so you can start taking advantage of a centralised workspace right away.

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Get started fast with a over 1,000 ready-to-use, easy to connect apps available in the Teams App Store

Accelerate business outcomes by using low-code solutions, or building a custom app tailored to your needs.

Stay secure as applications, data, and communications are protected across Microsoft and partner services.

We'll work with you to...

With extensive solution development experience, we can help you improve workforce productivity through automation of key business processes, leveraging the Microsoft Teams platform. We will work with you to understand your environment and identify opportunities to help you achieve continuous business value from your Microsoft Teams investment. With industry and technology experience, you can count on us as your trusted partner in your transformation journey.

  • Determine how to streamline processes and improve productivity and collaboration.
  • Identify and prioritize use cases for key requirements and challenges.
  • Develop an implementation plan and next steps for achieve your desired goals

Why Transparity?

Transparity’s extensive technical expertise is just one part of what makes us great. Transparity stands for “transformation, partnership and clarity”, and we pride ourselves in the ability to work with you to enable business transformation.  We are a Microsoft pureplay technology partner at the forefront of the latest technology. We have one simple goal: to work in partnership with you to ensure that your investment in the Cloud truly makes a difference to your business.

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