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Our Azure professional services offer end-to-end support provided by our Azure cloud expert consultants and architects. Aiding you in moving to the cloud, unlocking the potential of your cloud environment and ensuring Azure continues to be the cost-effective and efficient platform you need it to be.

Your competition doesn’t stand still and neither does the cloud. Establishing and maintaining your cloud environment needs to be approached as a continuous cycle to remain competitive by taking advantage of the latest cloud capabilities. From assessments and health checks to a complete cloud journey we don’t believe in taking a ‘set and forget’ approach to your cloud.

As a leading direct Microsoft CSP Provider, Azure Expert MSP and pureplay Microsoft partner you can have the confidence that our Azure cloud consultants can deliver on your goals.

“It’s been fantastic to work with the team at Transparity – they’ve been outstanding throughout every step of the project. They’ve supported our move to Azure and helped us improve our security, and their expert team are always on hand to answer any questions or help out. I’m happy to recommend Transparity as our Microsoft partner of choice.”

Richard Crompton, Head of IT at Lantra

Azure Cloud Platform Health Check

You may have congratulated yourself on moving to the cloud but now you are there, are things running cost -effectively and efficiently? If you are not sure or are aware that improvements need to be made but don’t know where to start, then a review or health check is for you.

Health checks can often reveal issues that you may not have been aware of. Incorporating regular health checks into your cloud strategy helps you to control costs and pre-plan fixes before they grow into something larger.

Let our Azure consultants review your Azure set-up and workloads and create a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) report. This breaks down the most urgent fixes needed, through to suggestions for more minor changes. Then choose to make the fixes and changes yourself or the work can be carried out by our team of Azure consultants.


Your Azure Cloud Adoption Journey

Whether you want to take the full cloud journey with the Transparity Azure experts or just use us for one specific stage of your journey, our consultants and architects are primed to ensure your cloud journey from strategy to optimisation is as effective as can be.

As an Azure Expert MSP with multiple specialisations, we have access directly to special Microsoft programs which provide funding for many aspects of this cloud adoption journey. You can benefit directly from this funding whether you use it for one assessment or a complete migration and modernisation in Azure.

Azure Cloud Strategy

Our Azure experts can aid you in creating a full cloud strategy. Taking a thorough look at your business requirements and success criteria as well as your budget, internal skills and more.

Azure Cloud Assessment & Planning

Knowing you want to move to the cloud and doing it the right way are two different things. A full assessment and planning for strategic migration waves will make your migration to the cloud a smoother process.

Azure Cloud Foundations

Next in the journey is the Cloud Landing Zone. Ensuring you are set up for success for best practices and a base for all future migrations and optimisations. Our experts can do this as part of a full cloud journey or as a single step.

Azure Cloud Optimisation - FinOps

Ensuring your cloud platform is set up for success includes continual cost-optimisation. This ensures you are getting the most cost-effective use of all cloud features and benefits.

Cloud Migration & Modernisation

Whether you are starting your move to the cloud or just ready to migrate your next set of applications, our specialists can carry out a smooth lift and shift into the cloud or expand the migration with full modernisation where required.

Azure Cloud Management

Our full Azure Managed Service ensures that the ongoing operations of your cloud platform and workloads remain in good shape. From ongoing monitoring and alerts to access to our expert consultants.

The Hybrid Cloud

Unless you are SaaS startup, in truth, you are probably operating a hybrid model with some workloads remaining on-premises while you strategically make step-by-step progress to the cloud. However, having disparate systems can be confusing for monitoring and optimisation.

Effectively managing a hybrid cloud means managing your public, private and on-premises apps and workloads from one place. Azure Arc is the tool that provides this bridge between your on-premises, edge, and multicloud environments.

Our Azure consultants can set up Azure Arc – your single-pane of glass for monitoring, alerts and optimisation of your workloads be they on Azure, on-premises or even on the Google Cloud or AWS. You may have disparate workloads but they no longer need to be disjointed.

Desktop & App Virtualisation

Whether you require a brand-new virtual desktop or you’ve decided to make the switch from Citrix, RDS, VMWare or Horizon, Azure Virtual desktop provides a seamless desktop and app virtualisation experience. As specialists in the Virtual Desktop, we are primed help you with your desktop and or app virtualisation.

With desktop virtualisation you benefit from pooled resources and no requirement for expensive end-user devices. Your remote workforce can be ready to work in just minutes and you gain enhanced cybersecurity with centralised security control.

App virtualisation simplifies application installation as it exists only as a single instance in the app server – greatly reducing maintenance. Additionally, as the apps are virtualized, they are independent from the device operating system, meaning no concerns over type of device or version installed.

Why Transparity as your Microsoft Azure Partner and Cloud Solution Provider?

  • We’re an Azure Expert MSP, an award only given to the most capable and knowledgeable Azure experts.
  • Our direct relationship with Microsoft as an Azure CSP gives you access to enterprise-grade CSP customer benefits.
  • Our multiple solution partner designations within Azure give you unprecedented access to Microsoft funding through the Azure Migration and Modernisation Program
  • We follow the Cloud Adoption Framework for migration, adhering to Microsoft’s best-practice standards.
  • Our partner practices in Data, App Innovation and Security mean with one provider you have true Azure deeply focussed experts, no matter your problem.
Azure Expert MSP

Customer success stories

We partnered with David Norris Analytical Laboratories (DNAL) to establish their Azure environment so they can continue their important work with a reliable cloud environment at their side.

We partnered with LightSpeed Broadband to establish their Azure greenfield environment so they can roll out 1GB broadband across East England.

We partnered with Aster to establish their Azure environment delivering better flexibility, sustainability and reduced costs.

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